Best DVRs for Windows

Best DVRs for Windows

Before now, Microsoft had a media software that one could just attach to their TV set in the living room and enjoy themselves. But that's not the case right now. It is not easy to do that with Windows 10, and though there are alternative means of accessing the Media Center, they may not be a good fit in time to come.

The good news is that there are very good and Windows-friendly alternatives, so you don't have to panic. Check out the options in this article for some amazing DVR solutions that work perfectly well with your PC.

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Best DVRs for Windows
The unique feature that makes plex stand out is its inbuilt integrated TV guide and rich metadata. All one needs to do is to set it up and indicate the location and the rest is being taken care of by it. this is a feature that is second to none.

Plex is one of the best alternative to Windows Media Center. A plex pass, which is a subscription that can be paid for monthly, yearly or for a lifetime pass at $120, is required for its DVR. It is very easy to set up and works with the most popular tuners on the market.

Plex can be used not only on PCs but also on a wide range of hardware. You can run Plex Media Server on a NAS, a WiFi router or even the NVIDIA Shield TV. With its flexibility, you are never too far away from your favorite recorded shows, as it has client apps for basically every platform you could imagine.

How to set up and use Plex DVR


Best DVRs for Windows

A great alternative to plex is Emby. It carries out similar actions of mixing media with hard wares like DVR and TV. In order for you to be able to use the DVR, you have to be an Emby Premiere subscriber. you have the option to either pay monthly or yearly, but the lifetime license is priced at $99. The Emby Server is available for Windows, Mac, some NAS boxes and other platforms.

It is easy to set up and could only take few moments if you are using a compatible tuner. A major down turn when it comes to Emby is the requirement to provide a source of TV guide data, without which you will only be left a list of channels that's not to your taste.

If you are using something like Schedules Direct, this could mean an extra cost to you. But depending on you location, there are a are free options to choose from. Though, once you have this, you have a great DVR setup with client apps to use on a number of platforms and one that hooks into Kodi really well.

How to set up Emby DVR

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Best DVRs for Windows

The latest product of Tablo, which is the Tablo Dual, is both a tuner and a DVR that you can access through Windows applications and this makes it a little different from the others. The greatest convenience you'll get from Tablo is its inbuilt hard drive, it still uses your home network but doesn't connect to a TV directly.

This implies that you can both watch and schedule recordings of live TV using the Tablo apps. To acquire more space, an external hard drive can be attached as the inbuilt storage capacity is not big enough.

Tablo is purely for TV and DVR, unlike Emby and Plex. Hence, it is not a home media center. But this little box might be a great thing for you if all you want is just a straight forward thing that allows you to watch TV and record it across devices on your network.


Best DVRs for Windows

NextPVR has its own apps for Windows and mobile devices and is free to use, but it will be preferred by those who love something like Emby and Kodi. It has a full TV guide and a web scheduler for setting up recordings, so you can watch and record live TV.

It has an interface which is designed to be enjoyed on the big screen and all the major TV tuners are supported by it. It has great support from its developers and is a little bit easy to set up. you can switch the default interface for something new if you're not too keen on it.


Best DVRs for Windows

MediaPortal is designed for Windows. It is often described as an alternative to Kodi, it is a free, open-source media center. It has a server aspect at its core which allows you to setup live TV and DVR capabilities.

It supports a lot of TV remote controls and also supports a bunch of plugins. There is no limit to the number of supported tuners that can be hooked into it and the server set up is very straightforward.

Open-source software will always allow you to organize and change things to your taste. Hence, you can change the skins and plugins by making use of the ones that are readily available.

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