Tesla said to be working on self-driving tech for electric semi truck

Tesla said to be working on self-driving tech for electric semi truck

According to a Reuters report, Tesla is working on self-driving technology specifically tied to its forthcoming electric semi-truck plans.

Emails discovered by Reuters in which Tesla discusses the work with the Nevada DMV has it that the tech would allow the transport trucks to move in convoy formation with a lead vehicle providing guidance for autonomous follow trucks.

Also, according to comments made by the organization to Reuters, Tesla is also set to meet with the California DMV to discuss autonomous trucking technology.It is already confirmed by Telsa that the company is working on an all-electric semi truck, which is set to be revealed in more details in September at a planned event by Elon Musk.

For any company that is making serious investment in self-driving tech, this is a relatively familiar territory as seen in the cases when  Uber acquired Otto, a company founded by former Google self-driving car team members dedicated to autonomous trucking, and it continues that work under its Advanced Technologies Group. Again,  Waymo, the Alphabet company created from the Google self-driving car project, has also recently revealed that it also is in the early stages of creating autonomous truck tech.

Tesla said to be working on self-driving tech for electric semi truck

Non of the automaker’s CEO, automaker’s CEO, has has mentioned autonomy in relation to their electric transport truck plans, but they've discussed potential surprises to be revealed alongside the big rig this fall. It’s also been working a lot on Autopilot improvements, and this is what Musk said during his most recent Tesla earnings call that he himself spends a lot of time on.

They also reported that platooning could mean that the autonomy requirements aren’t much more technically advanced than those found in current Autopilot systems for consumer Tesla vehicles. A human driver could be used to drive the lead vehicle with autonomous follow vehicles. This will cut down on the total need for drivers and increase overall efficiency.

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The project still seem far fetched as Tesla reportedly wanted to meet with Nevada to discuss the testing of two prototype trucks. A license to test the vehicles hasn't yet been applied by the automaker, but that could be done later, once the trucks are made available to the public.



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